San Fernando – Subic Bay – Bagac – Mount Samat – Manila

Distance 320 Kms


Subic Bay- Mount Samat- if your coming from the US, this area of the Philippines holds a lot of US Naval and Military history. Subic Bay, was the home of the largest US Naval station for some 60 years, up until 1992 when the base was closed and the US withdrew entirely from the Philippines. At this point, in more than 450 years of Philippine history, was the first time the Philippines had not been occupied by foreign forces.

As we enter the bay, you will see it’s beauty and military significance, We will visit the old Spanish fort just near the bay, which first used the bay area for the 400+ years of Spanish occuptation. After lunch, we will continue our ride to Mount Samat, where the famous Battle of Bataan occurred in 1942 between the filippino forces and allied forces of the US military held off the Japanese forces for some three months before surrendering and being forced marched some 120 kilometers, or better known as the Bataan death march.

Mount Samat is a sacred place both for filippinos and Americans and is still visited till today by surviving veterans of the death march to pay respects to their fallen comrads. This is a full day of riding, so get a good’s nights rest before we leave early moring.

Tour Dates: For Tour Dates, please click here to see or don’t hesitate to contact us any time in case of further questions. David, phone no: 1-760-786-4173 Email id: Skype: czesckochamcie

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