Batangas Port – Abra de llog – Mamburao – Sablayan – San Jose – Roxas – Puerto Guillera – Manila

Distance: 320 Kms


Mindoro Loop- this trip will be aover night ride to the adjacent island to Luzon, Mindoro, during WWII and the battle of Manila, this island’s airfields were used as staging areas for short bombing raids on Japanese targets.

If you can afford it, go to Baclaran before the ride and purchase a bag of slippers for kids, some candies and t-shirts, their cheap and for 20 bucks you can put a smile on the faces of some kids, trust me the reward will be much greater than the expense.

We will be visiting the native people of Mindoro called Mangyan, they are known as natives because during the Spanish occupation these natives, stayed separated from the Spaniard and never mingled with them. They are very much like native American Indians in North America. For the night, we will stay in Pureto Galleria a town full of night life hot spots and lazy beaches.

Tour Dates: For Tour Dates, please click here to see or don’t hesitate to contact us any time in case of further questions. David, phone no: 1-760-786-4173 Email id: Skype: czesckochamcie

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