Cabanatuan City – Baler – Cordon – Santiago – Tuguegarao – Santa Ana – Blue Lagoon – Vigan City – Sagada – San Juan – Baguio – Manila

Distance: 2400 Kms


Northern Luzon Loop Tour: Our adventure will take us through some of the most beautiful parts of Luzon along the famous motorcycle route better known as the Northern Luzon Loop. We will first ride to Baler, Aurora, a well known surfers town, from there we will ride north up along the coast line and head inland riding across into the Cagayan Valley, this road is tons of fun, a lot of switch backs, some off road, some on road patches that will keep you on your toes.

We will be traveling through some very impoverished areas of the Philippines, places where families can barely afford to purchase basic things such as rice and sugar, if you feel compelled, bring along some slippers or t shorts or small candy for the kids, you wil be amazed the joy and happiness these little things will provide to the kids. The people are simple and down to earth and kind hearted, for sure this journey will place a special spot in your heart for the Philippines, as we ride through, what’s known as the Cagayan valley, once inland we will ride north through Santiago, Cauayan City, Tuguegaro where we will be staying the night, then up to the north eastern point of Luzon, Santa Ana, this area is extremely peaceful, quiet and laid back, from there our journey will take us west along the northern coast of Luzon over to a famous place called Hanna’s resort or the Blue Lagoon, words cannot capture the awe of this place, it’s one of those places you have to experience for yourself, to serve it justice.

After a good nights rest and relaxation, we will depart early morning and continue along the northern shore passing the Ilocus Norte wind mill farm and begin heading south along the western shore line, our next stop will be the Paoay Sand Dunes, from there we will continue our adventure south just a short distance to the well known San Agustin Church constructed in the 15th century, this is just one of many Catholic Cathedrals constructed throughout the Philippine Islands, during the Spanish Occupation the Catholic church was the government of the Philippines, after some snap shots at San Agustin, our next stop will be Vigan City, a historical town of significant importance to the Spanish during their occupations, you will feel as if you’ve been put in a time machine and travel back in town as the city is littered with ristic mansions of the 16th century, a city rich with culture and heritage. Departing Vigan we will make our way inland through the BalbalasangBalbalan National Park down to the small town of Sagada, where the famous Sumaging Caves and Kiltepan Views are a site to see, another unique feature of Sagada is the famous hanging coffins.

These coffins were made by hollowing out logs that were apparently smaller than the actual size of the dead, as a result the body would assume a fetal position, the belief by the native ancient Igorots was this give way t bring peace to the departed soul’s. Sagada is a small one horse town, much like what you’d find in rural America or Canada, they roll the side walks up at night and in the morning the clouds fill the valley below with clouds, truly a peaceful and tranquil place to see, a much different setting than the hustle and bustle of Manila.

Up next, San Juan, our route will take us across the Bessang Pass, a windy little road through the pass, makes for beautiful sites and a fun ride, you’ll want to keep your camer on you in this place. Once out on the coastal road again, we will head south toward San Juan La Union, another hot spot for surfing tourist and those folks wanting to learn how to surf.

From San Juan we will ride back inland up to the famous town of Baguio, one thing you will notice along our ride, is the pine trees and the pine tree sent, the temperatures in Baguio are normally 10 degrees cooler than in the Manila Bay area, one famous site in Baguio is Camp John Hay, this based served as a R&R facility for US personal that were stationed at Clark Airforce base and Subic Bay Naval Station, Camp john Hay was constructed around the turn of the century, and was the first location the Japanese Bombed during their 1942 invasion of the Philippines. From Baguio will head back down the mountains and ride back along the Norther Luzon Express way where we can open up the bikes and conclude our Northern Luzon ride.

Tour Dates: For Tour Dates, please click here to see or don’t hesitate to contact us any time in case of further questions. David, phone no: 1-760-786-4173 Email id: Skype: czesckochamcie

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