Lucena – Gumaca – Naga – Legaspi City – Matnog Port – Allen – Calbayog City – Tacloban City – Red Beach 1 – Sogod – Bato – Ubay – Carmen – Tagbilaran City – Tubigon Port – Cebu Port – Bogo City – Liloan – Dumaguete – Bayawan City – Cauayan – Hingaran – Bacolod – Iloilo City – Anini-y – San Jose De Buenavista – Malay – Roxas – San Jose – Sablayan – Mamburao – Abra de llog Pier – Batangas – Manila

Distance 4000 Kms


The Visayas Loop Tour if you have the time and are looking for a adventure that will take you through the very heart of the Philippines, I highly recommend this tour, as we travel from Manila, we will make our way south through a region known as Bicol, this region is the home the world famous Mayon Volcano, it’s unique beauty and size stands out miles away as it protrudes into the sky line, it’s one thing to see it on National Geographic, it’s another to visit it in person, the Bicol region is littered with old Spanish churches that are continued to be used till today by the Roman Catholic church, most of the churches date back to the 16th century when the Spanish began occupying the Philippine chain of islands.

From the Bicol region we will ride south to the port of Matnog where we will board a ferry and cross over into Northern Samar, our ride lead us to the region of Samar known as Biri, a unique rock formation protruding out of the sea along the shore lines, the ride has scenic beauty along the shore line and will be a joy as you take it all in, from Biri we will ride Southwest to the town of Calbayog City where we will stay the night, in the morning we will continue our route south through Tacloban City, Tacloban City was devastated in 2013 by typhoon Yolanda, till today you can see the damaged buildings, just south of Tacloban city we will visit the famous Red Beach one where US forced landing on October 20, 1944, this site is where the US General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his vow to return to the Philippines, and is honored till today but life size statues of MacArthur.

After having our lunch, we will continue into the heart of the Leyte region through the KuapnitBalinsasayawNationa Forest to the port town of Bato where we will be staying over night, from Bato we will ferry across to the neighboring island of Bohol, and begin riding south into the heart of the Bohol island and make our way through the world famous Chocolate Hills, these small hills are scattered throughout the island, from Bohol we will ferry across to the neighboring island to the west called Cebu, we will visit For San Pedro, and visit the Heritage of Cebu Monument along with visiting the Taoist Temple, from Cebu city we will make our way North up to the Northern city of Bogo Cebu, then head south along the western coast of Cebu island down to the southern tip of Cebu where we will take the short 30 minute ferry across to the city of Dumaguete, from Dumaguete we will around the western coastal road north to the city of Bacolod, stopping along the way for the night, As we travel through the different islands you will observe the difference in language and customs. Along our travel through Negros we will stop in several locations for snacks and photos and see the sites, the road has epic shore line views, Negros is the most central island of the Visayas region.

After staying the night in Bacolod city, we will ferry first light over to the city of Iloilo City for breakfast and begin our journey south along the coastal road up to the port of Malay, where we will ferry over to Roxas, Mindoro and ride south and around the island of Mindoro to the port of Abra De Ilog, our time is limited in this tour, but we will keep a daily pace of around 180-230 kilometers per day. This is a ride you will never forget and is highly recommended if you have the time.

Tour Dates: For Tour Dates, please click here to see or don’t hesitate to contact us any time in case of further questions. David, phone no: 1-760-786-4173 Email id: Skype: czesckochamcie

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